When visiting the lovely city of Scottsdale, people often ask us what to do, where to go and who to see. A lot of it depends on the time of the year but one thing will always remain on the weekend. Brunch. People love brunch. ScottsdaleRestaurants.com put together some of their spots that have the best brunch in Scottsdale! You have to check it out. We all love breakfast/brunch. These guys know how to deliver a few great examples to assist in finding great spots in Scottsdale.

Make sure you visit Scottsdale in the winter too so you can take full advantage of all the patios while eating brunch. Its simply amazing and a must try. What else is there to do during the winter? Have an amazing weekend in Scottsdale and make sure to hit all of the brunch spots that the Scottsdale team mentions. They are all winner in our book.